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Haven't really done too too much as of late. Felt like taking an attempt at making a Relapse 2 cover for the hell of it. This is the final product.

2009/10 NFL Playoffs Predictions

AFC Wild Card

#5 N.Y. Jets @ #4 Cincinnati Bengals
What we saw last week was a little bit of foreshadowing. The score will be alot closer, but the outcome will be the same. Ochocinco, is still banged up and lost somewhere on Revis Island. The Jets to me are one of the scariest wild card teams of the bunch, and a legit contender to go all the way. Cincy's drought of winning in the playoffs continues, Jets win.

Pick: N.Y. Jets

#6 Baltimore Ravens @ #3 New England Patriots
The Ravens, to me at least, were lucky to even make the playoffs. Then they got even luckier when the Pats lost it's number 2 receiver, the leading receiver in catches on the season, Wes Welker. His replacement, Julian Edelman, while good, can not fill the shoes of one Welker. Brady is good at making the most of lesser wide receivers, the three years they won a superbowl he did just so. However, he also had one of the top defenses in the league keeping him off the field alot less. Now? Not so much. The Pats D is ranked 12th in the pass and 13th in the rush. They have to face one of the top rushers in the league this year in Ray Rice. The Ravens may be one dimensional, but it'll be enough to get past the Pats this day.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

NFC Wild Card

#5 Green Bay Packers @ #4 Arizona Cardinals
I'm reading alot of people say the winner of this game is going to the Superbowl. I agree, to an extent. This game will definitely be alot closer then the week 17 version we saw. I'm glad the NFL has saved this game for the last of the week, because I have a feeling it will be the best game in the wild card round. 2 very good, underrated defenses going up against 2 of the highest powered offenses in the NFL. What more can you want? This game will be a thriller, going back and forth until the last minute, possibly even in overtime, where Green Bay will prevail.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

#6 Philadelphia Eagles @ #3 Dallas Cowboys
For the third time this season, we'll see these NFC East division rivals head to head. Also, this will be the third game of the wild card round that features a rematch of a week 17 game. That phenomenom has only happened 13 times total prior to this season, and we get to see it three times this year alone. Back to the game. This is the one game that I don't see mimicking it's week 17 counterpart. I've heard some rumors that the Eagles purposely laid in egg in order to eliminate thier rivals in the playoffs the following week. I don't buy it, I just think Dallas jumped out to an early lead fast, and Philly just never overcame it. I don't see that happening again. In fact, I feel this game will be more like their week 17 matchup from last year. Dallas' playoff woes continue as Romo chokes in the playoffs again.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

AFC Divisional Round

#6 Baltimore Ravens @ #1 Indianapolis Colts
Oh boy. A rematch of their week 11 matchup, which Indy won 17-15 on late calls not going the Ravens way. Since then, the Ravens haven't been able to shut up about being penalized. Here's a tip, stop making dumbass plays and doing dumbass things and you'll see those flags a whole lot less. Indy on the other hand, is imploding from the inside. They had a chance at perfection, didn't want to risk it. To make it up to Manning, Wayne and Clark they kept them in even longer the following week, just so they could each pad some stats. So, individual records are more important them team success? Really Indy...Really? They'll come out hot, no doubt about it. It'll all cool down by halftime though as the Ravens D smartens up and holds Manning to under 20 points, again.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens

#5 N.Y. Jets @ #2 San Diego Chargers
The Chargers are the hottest team in the NFL right now, and they're doing it under the radar. Analysts talk about the Colts, the Saints, the Vikings, even the Patriots, but not many are mentioning the Chargers and their 11 game winning streak. They have a top ranked D, and an explosive offense with a excellent running game powered by the one two punch of L.T. and Sproles. This will be an interesting match-up for sure, seeing this offense go up against the Jets D. Hell, I'm willing to say this will be the second best, if not the best game we see in the entire playoffs. The Jets cinderella run ends after just one week, as the Chargers offense proves to be too much, and Sanchez costs them the game late.

Pick: San Diego Chargers

NFC Divisional Round

#6 Philadelphia Eagles @ #1 New Orleans Saints
The Eagles are one of those teams, that when they get rolling they're a tough team to beat. The Saints, are literally stumbling into the playoffs after a 13-0 start. Something has happened, I'm not sure what, but this defense just isn't the same defense we saw in the first 10 games. The Eagles can put up some points, especially when they get rolling. And after their win over Dallas the week prior they'll be rolling. The Saints will keep pace for awhile, but in the end it will be Mc5 and the Birds moving on.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

#5 Green Bay Packers @ #2 Minnesota Vikings
Favre Vs. Green Bay Round Three? Yes please. We all know the drama that will be surrounding this game. Favre Vs. Green Bay, Favre Vs. Rodgers. The last two games saw Minny and Favre get the win over his old team, but this is the playoffs. Favre hasn't been to this level in three years, and his last game he threw an INT that eventually cost the Packers the win in OT against the eventual Superbowl Champion N.Y. Giants. Different teams, but I predict a similiar outcome.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

AFC Championship

#6 Baltimore Ravens @ #2 San Diego Chargers
The Ravens have done good to get this far, but by this point there won't be much gas left in the tank. The Raven's D is good, experienced, but they're also old. Ray Lewis may not have lost a step but Reed isn't 100% healthy and the rest of that D is questionable. That won't be the factor though, the inexperience of Flacco and inability of the Raven's passing game will prove the ultimate demise in Baltimore's Superbowl aspirations.

Pick: San Diego Chargers

NFC Championship

#6 Philadelphia Eagles @ #5 Green Bay Packers
A number five versus a number six you say? Doesn't happen often, but it will this year. The Birds will be making yet another NFC title game under Andy Reid, while Aaron Rodgers will be appearing in his first as a starter. In another one of the best games of these playoffs, I'm predicting a relatively high scoring event with Green Bay's defense just edging out Philly's D enough to get them the W.

Pick: Green Bay Packers

Superbowl XLIV

San Diego Chargers Vs. Green Bay Packers
It all comes down to this. Rodgers Vs. Rivers. Jennings Vs. Cromartie. L.T./Sproles Vs. Hawk/Barnett/Matthews. Plenty of intriguing individual matchups to watch for. Yup, it's gonna be a good one. So good, that I predict for the first time in Superbowl history, this game will go into overtime. In which, I predict Green Bay can finally move on from the whole Favre fiasco as Rodgers raises the Lombardi for the first time, cementing him as their franchise quarterback for years to come.

Pick: Green Bay Packers
MVP: Aaron Rodgers

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Nero - Alive & Vibrant: Relive The Moment

Here it is. The much anticipated Alive & Vibrant: Relive The Moment from Nero. This is a "remastered" version of Alive & Vibrant, which came out 6 months ago. It has new tracks, remixes, and remastered tracks....and it's definitely worth a look. Featuring the likes of Harlem’s Cash, Truck North, El Prez, Chip Tha Ripper, J.Rocwell, TreaZon and The Kid Daytona.

1. Rugged & Raw
2. I Get Lyrical
3. Buck ‘Em Down
4. Lots Of Lovin’ (Ft. TreaZon & J. Rocwell)
5. Alive & Vibrant
6. Legends Pt. 2 (Ft. Harlem’s Cash)
7. Feeling Good
8. Flava In Ya Ear [NBA Jam Edition] (Ft. Truck North, Chip Tha Ripper,The Kid Daytona & El Prez)
9. Swangin’ & Bangin’
10. Can’t Wait
11. T.R.O.Y.
12. Funkorama